Travel Gear Review: Pacsafe Camsafe® V17 Anti-Theft Backpack

In addition to using your logic and intuition to reduce your chances of being a victim of theft, using the right travel gear can drastically increase your success of protecting your belongings. As two women traveling alone, we attract attention and are perceived as vulnerable targets. One of my top priorities in planning our two year journey was the assurance of a reliable and comfortable camera backpack.

When searching for a camera backpack, I needed functionality as well as a safe space for my equipment. I wanted a bag that could double as a daypack, both housing my laptop and fitting multiple cameras and lenses, and that was also secure and comfortable enough to carry around on a daily basis across Asia. The most essential feature, for me, was security, keeping my most valuable items (cameras, passport, phones, money) safe and providing me with peace of mind even in the most crowded and potentially unsafe areas. Looking online, many options that fit my criteria also came with a high price of 500+ USD, which wasn’t within my budget. After searching for over a month with little luck, our photographer friend suggested PacSafe. After taking the suggestion and purchasing the Camsafe® V17 anti-theft Camera Backpack, I hold that I have never made a better luggage decision in my life.

Miss S enjoying the Himalayas. The Pacsafe looks cute with a flower accent and is a great companion for short or long (even 15-20 mile!) day treks.

Pacsafe products were developed with the goal of keeping travelers one step ahead of thieves and protecting travelers’ belongings from being stolen. With that in mind, their bags have several features that keep a traveler’s stuff safe. Pacsafe backpacks are made with slash-resistant material so thieves cannot cut your pack to steal things that fall out. The straps are reinforced with stainless-steel wire so they also cannot be cut, and the zippers are puncture-resistant. Each zipper-clip anchors into steel fastens to avoid easy unzips and intruders. The RFID pocket is sleek and effective, and even though most credit cards have removed the RFID chips, passports are still vulnerable to scanning.

Maybe this backpack sounds a bit intense? But that’s exactly what I like about it. Exploring India with this all-around reinforced backpack makes me feel like superwoman. At least enough that I don’t need to be constantly checking my bag for attempted theft, which allows me to enjoy the surroundings rather than being in fear of them. Also, the intense safety features in no way affect its functionality and appearance as a casual daypack. This is important because its simplicity and unpretentiousness helps me to avoid attracting attention and reduces suspicion that there may be expensive gear inside.

Sean, the friend who suggested Pacsafe to me, came to visit. here we are squad-deep in Pacsafe in rishikesh, india.

In addition to the safety features, the backpack also functions well in regards to the other aspects I was searching for, including price. At only $150 USD, the amount of security protections and swank features make this backpack a no-brainer purchase. The pack is designed with velcro-adjustable padded camera compartments that have room for both my DLSR and mirrorless camera, plus an extra lens. The compartments have a quick access entrance so I can grab my camera swiftly without completely removing the bag from my back. Other features include a padded sleeve that houses my 13’’ MacBook and a rain cover to protect my belongings from water. Finally, a favorite feature of mine for going to Hindi class or the beach, is the ability to remove the camera compartments and transform the pack into a full backpack or daypack with an internal drawstring duffle.

Bonus magic: I like to put the rain fly on in particularly sketchy areas to give my pack another layer of protection.

I was able to grab my camera from the quick-access pocket to grab a shot of clouds moving over the snow-peak Himalayas.

I give this adventure-style, travel camera backpack an A+, and would recommend it to amateur and serious photographers alike, as well as to any general travelers. Whether I’m on a hike in the Himalayas enjoying ancient temples, headed to an internet café to edit photos or walking through the crowded streets of a bazaar, the PacSafe Camsafe® V17 anti-theft Camera Backpack is always with me.

Miss S lost in a prayer flag abyss.
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3 thoughts on “Travel Gear Review: Pacsafe Camsafe® V17 Anti-Theft Backpack

  1. Just bought this based upon looking online everywhere and then reading your review. I need something that gives me quick access to the camera yet is safe.
    Can’t wait for it to arrive and use it in Portugal next week.

    1. We are glad you found the review useful, Priscilla! We are in love with this backpack every time we are on an adventure. I feel completely secure, especially with my equipment. Was just in Varanasi and was able to switch between lenses without feeling vulnerable. We hope you enjoy Portugal!

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