Featured Guest Artist//Akhila R.//Tessellate: A Photo-Essay

This gorgeous photoessay by Akhila R. comes out of the free Creative Narrative Workshops Miss//Miss hosts for women in Bangalore.  It’s the result of a creative experiment adapted and re-imagined from Surrealist salon exercises.  We are so lucky to work with Akhila and all the women who have joined the workshop (our conversations have been revolutionary!), and we are grateful that we get to showcase some of the amazing work they are creating. We hope you enjoy this brilliance!



Orgiastic time-travel has a cacophony of echoes across ages.


Nurture is a rusty spiral; sometimes looking up, sometimes looking down.


Alchemy is omnipresent…or is an x-file?


The pliancy of nature burst into A pantheon of divinities.


Their testosterone-addled brains shared a keyhole.


Are toy guns unreliable imitations?


Honesty is the window to your renaissance.


An unconditioned crescendo is prone to oscillations.


Photography and Text by Akhila R.//Marketing specialist. Amateur photographer. Insatiable gastronome. Vicarious traveller. Professional day dreamer.

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