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Queer Women//Queer World

An evocative photo-video and storytelling experience inspiring culture-conscious travel and strengthening the global queer community through narrative and documentary arts.

Miss//Miss collects the adventures, perspectives and insights of trekking queers, and stays abreast with global queer news and current events.

Let us//Introduce ourselves

We are Miss K and Miss S, a charming lesbian couple from the US, documenting our travels through video, photography and written narrative. While we focus on all aspects of globe trekking, we also discuss what it’s like to be wanderlusting queer ladies in a widely homophobic world, and highlight our interactions with queer women and communities along the way. Miss//Miss records our experiences as well as those queer narratives from women who live in or travel through the places we visit. We feature guest blogs from queer and female-identified writers, travelers, sociologists, filmmakers, artists, environmentalists, scholars, photographers, foodies, teachers, ecologists, psychologists and more.

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Where in the world//Now

Currently, we are in India on a Fulbright Creative Research grant, working on narrative expression and documentation with a queer woman’s organization, Maya for Women, in Bengaluru. We are interested in documenting and exploring how queer women and transmen network and build community, especially through social and interpersonal invisibility. Because queer women in India face socially invisibility they evade, for better and worse, Indian social economies. Our research is interested in observing how queer women use and have used rhizomic networks to build community and to move towards visibility and social activism. Though Bengaluru is India’s gay capital (in terms of queer numbers), living in the closet is often a fact of life for queer women across the country, especially in rural areas. By examining the oncoming social visibility of queerness in India, in a city with many proud and out queers, we hope to not only discover more about queer activism and community in India, but to learn about the future of queer activism through its past and current patterns and modes. By observing and documenting queer communities in India, we hope that queer activists around the world will be able to identify and construct ways of fostering queer visibility in their communities.


Miss S

Miss S is a writer, dancer, and visual/performance artist. She has a PhD in Creative Writing and is the author of two books. She enjoys rural and urban living equally, and loves listening to stories and histories. A trekker at heart, Miss S loves winding into remote corners of the world.

Miss K

Miss K is a photographer and video-artist. She was an award-winning brand strategist in the agency world before deciding to ditch the office for a life of adventure and freelance. She creatively produces, directs, shoots and interacts with nature, colors, humans and the connections between them. Miss K lives by following her curiosity and believes in the persistence of being patient and positive.

//While we are interested in storytelling, and usually publish our own narratives (which are inherently composed of narratives we encounter), we respect personal histories and encourage everyone we meet to document their own narratives, and thus do not publish word-for-word accounts without direct consent.


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