A Brief Miss//Miss History


We are excited to launch Miss//Miss, a travel blog dedicated to documenting our adventures and to illuminating perspectives on global queerness.

We are Miss S and Miss K, US natives who met in beautiful Denver, Colorado, which we call home. The Rocky Mountains are where we nurtured our love for travel and adventure, and its in the great city of Denver that we found an amazing queer family and big love for all things city life. From backpacking the Great Sand Dunes to dancing the night away at Charlies, to enjoying some of Colorado’s most intimate hot springs and making it work as artists in Denver’s booming art scene, we’ve built a love that is strong, dynamic, eccentric and really fun!

Photo Credit – Sean Carroll Photography

After three years of floating around in lover’s bliss, Miss S proposed to Miss K in our favorite city spot, Cheeseman Park, where we’ve spent many long Sundays enjoying Colorado beer with friends, watching the sun set over the mountains. After the proposal (Miss K said Yes!), 40 of our closest friends and family paraded the park to surprise Miss K and, after a delicious meal cooked by Miss S’s mama, we all danced the night away!

Photo Credit – Sean Carroll Photography

We make an art of flying by the seat of our pants and going along with whatever comes our way. We are passionate, easy-going, airy (**Gemini/Aquarius**), deep-thinking, nature-loving humans who love to travel and find authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences. We also love meeting people and getting to know them through their stories and friendship.

Colfax, Denver is for lovers

We are lucky to have traveled all over, and in August 2016, Miss//Miss began their one year journey to India, where they are on a Fulbright grant researching narrative and community building between queer women.

On Miss//Miss you can keep up with our travel narratives, adventures and critical perspectives on local current events and global queer issues.

BTW: We are always interested in hosting guest bloggers writing about queer travel. Please contact us for more information.

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